First official Post: Taking off to Maine


Hi everyone, thanks for checking out my blog. This is my first official post. As of now, I’m sure no one is reading it right now …

Anyway, I’m heading to Maine for a one-month summer course in Walpole, ME. I decided to arrive about four days prior to the course in order to travel around. This post is about my journey from LA, California to Portland, Maine. It turned out there is no cheap direct flight from LA to Portland, Maine — which means it probably would have been a much better idea if I booked my flight to Boston and rent a car there, while return the car in Portland, ME and then meet with the rest of the class there. Okay, maybe next time then …

There were three over lays: from LA to Dallas, TX, then to North Carolina, and finally arrived in Portland Int. Jet Port in ME.



The backscattering is kind of blue-ish … I guess the sky is more of less the same color on both sides.



I really enjoy looking out of the window when we are up in the clouds. The feeling is really unforgettable every time …



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