Trip in Maine continues (day 2)


The next day, I left Portland, Maine and continued my journey northward. I planned to arrive at the next hotel around early afternoon, check in, and then visit Arcadia National Park (NP) which was about 15 minutes away (but it ended up taking much longer than I expected).

From Portland to Ellsworth, Marine (My Tracks by Google)


Arcadia NP is on Desert Island; to me, there are two parts of this island — the Northern part where Bar Harbor and the Park are located; and the Southern one, where there is a little piece of the Park, plus miles and miles of forestry nature and Maine coastlines. On this day, I decided to check out the Northern part first.



The hotel is called Homestead Motel Cottages and it’s very nice. The owner is this awesome couple; the husband and I had a very nice conversation. I was very surprised to learn that they were both scientists before they started their hotel business. There are lots of lobster restaurants on the way to the Park. I drove past the visitor center first to visit Bar Harbor, because I figured it would be too dark by the time I come back.

Acadia NP Day 1 + Desert Island (My Tracks by Google)



I enjoyed the drive in the Park. Most of the journey was on an one-way road and vehicles were almost always allowed to park on the side of the road for sight seeing.






After driving all the way around, I made it to the peak of Cadillac Mountain — I believe it is the highest altitude in the area, and it overlooks Bar Harbor.



On my way back, I stopped at the town of Bar Harbor to look at things and have my very first lobster dinner in Maine (I had Chipotle last night); the lobster was served on an Angus beef burger … Hahaha, sorry that sounds a little too crazy, but trust me, it was pretty tastey! The restaurant is called Geddys, and its interior has a crazy amount of Maine fisherman decors.



The town is very neat and really has that wonderful “town-feel” to it (there are several others along the 1 Highway in Maine).



Stay tuned as my journey in Maine continues …


(It was hard to believe some street lamps in Bar Harbor were actual oil lamps!)


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