Roadtrip in Maine Continues (Day 3: Part 1)


I just realized how terrible I am at keeping this blog updated, maybe I would be more motivated if there were more people reading it ;- ) Anyway, the journey continued …

On the third day, I began my trip by heading towards the the southern part of the Desert Island.

Part 1 of Day 3, from Ellsworth to Desert Island + Beal, Maine (My Tracks by Google … I mean by Alphabet)

I stopped at Lunt’s Gateway Lobster Pound for some brunch, and had a lobster roll and some clams. The decor in this restaurant was very interesting and it had just about every decor piece you can think of that is related to lobsters!



As road continued on into the inner part of southern Desert Island, there were more forests and more sites with big waves crushing onto marvelous rocks. So I stopped and stared at these for a while.




Eventually I made my way to the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. As many of you know, lighthouse is an iconic site and a symbol of Maine, and there are many lighthouses that are still operational today. Each lighthouse has its own unique color and frequency of flashes, so, back in the old days, fisherman could tell where they were when coming back from the sea. If I’m not mistaken, I believe these lighthouses are currently maintained by coast guards and their families.







After visiting the lighthouse, I continued on Desert Island (by the way, which should technically be a peninsula), I traveled through Highway 102 around the island clockwise, and eventually back to the 1 Freeway (very close to Ellsworth). Rather than continuing on the 1, I chose to take Highway 182 through the mountains. 182 would eventually merge with 1 at Cherryfield, it’s about the same distance but very scenic!






And finally I made my way to Beal. It was a small lobster town; seemed like everyone there was a fisherman. I figured it would have been an awesome place for some photo-storytelling, and the place indeed has its own flavor in the photographs. However, it only became apparent after I got there that how tightly connected the town was — I don’t just mean emotionally, but physically. It felt like I was driving through everyone’s front yard! Sorry for intruding the nice town :- P






And that’s only the first half of the day … part 2 continues, thanks for your support and stay tuned ;- )


Please feel free to leave me some words! :- )

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