Thanks for visiting! I hope to use this site as a travel photography blog to keep my family & friends updated, and also to practice web design and programming.

I haven’t really thought about how I will run this blog yet; but maybe something like the following: there will be updates when I’m on the road. When I’m not on the road, there will be some “look-back” posts on my previous trips? (“look-back Tuesdays?”) And also, a random post every Wednesday about science/tech/my rants/or anything I find interesting? (“random post Wednesdays?”) — sounds good? Sounds good!

In terms of photos, I would like to focus on what I call the “real experience photography” — where photos are used to accurately portray my journeys, rather than having them heavily edited. I always try to tune my camera settings well so you can see exactly what I see, and not an exaggerated version of my experience.

Take care and stay tuned!